My name is Angela Verish and I’m a student at DePaul University in Chicago studying Public Relations & Advertising with minors in Spanish, Sociology, and Environmental Communications.  I’ve never been the “cool kid” and  I’m definitely still not the “cool kid.”  But, I love to learn, observe, question, and challenge the vast number of different cultures in our society.

Now – I want to photograph it and write about it.

I, like most, find myself busy with mundane, tedious tasks so this is my opportunity to have an outlet about the thoughts, inquiries, and amazement that I find in the world we live in.  Focusing on my many interests of society, culture, music, and art (along with some personal journey shit), this blog will give you a glimpse of my rules of cool… and probably some rules of the not so cool.

Follow along with me as I attempt to scrawl the million thoughts and ideas that pass between my ears.



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